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Deskripsi FarLinX Mini Gateway - A Compact X.25 / XOT Gateway

The FarLinX Mini Gateway - it can handle your smaller scale single X.25 line to TCP/IP migration requirements.
Supports XOT to X.25 switching, X.25 to TCP data translation and connection routing, TCP to XOT, a Triple-X PAD, and a Host PAD. All this is easily managed from your browser.
Key Feature:
- TCP to X.25 data translation with a very wide variety of modes including: character streaming,
- RFC1006, Cisco RBP, APACS, ISO 8583, header stripping and parity conversion and many more
- TCP ↔ X.25 and TCP ↔ XOT routing including: fixed routes, dynamic routing and PAD routing
- Call routing between XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) and the X.25 line
- X.28 PAD option supporting Telnet and an async connection
- X.25 Host PAD emulation support
- LAN accessible X.25 line as a sharable remotely manageable resource
- Choice of X.25 network interface connections: RS232 (V.24), V.35, RS422, RS530, X.21
- 400 messages per second and up to 50 simultaneous connections (PVC, SVC)
- Line Monitor (local or remote) to view X.25 traffic for easy network problem diagnosis
- Optional support for TCP/IP authentication and data security using IPSEC
- IP and IPv6 support
- Browser graphical configuration, SNMP alerts for critical events and activity logging
- Real time display of current connections, line performance, errors, connections and much more
- Small rugged low profile all metal case, low power consumption
Typical Applications
Reduce line costs by replacing an expensive X.25 line with a TCP/IP connection and conversion to X.25 at each terminating node
Conversion of legacy X.25 connections and data for transfer over a TCP/IP network
POS Gateway to allow TCP/IP and X.25 based Point of Sale systems to interoperate
Replacing an X.28 PAD over X.25 with an X.28 PAD over XOT
FTAM or X.400 operation between TCP/IP and X.25
Conversation from TCP to XOT eliminating the need for X.25 at that location
LAN accessible and sharable X.25 port resource

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